Sunday, July 12, 2015

At near and far the edges of @Nemetics

"@rotanarotana Imagine if HPT [High Performance Team] members each had Personal Mentor Networks at their fingertips. Would be cool, no? @toughLoveforx @PredictSwan" ~ @ddrrnt

Nemetics via NodeXL

“@ddrrnt: @rotanarotana @toughLoveforx In #nemetics, synchrodipity happens when our nodal frequencies align in the wirearchy, waves of mind sync up.

Emotional, Physical & Cognitive strings, that wire and fire together

"Love, evolving Intent, happiness, sadness & the whole range of human emotions & values can not be automated." ~ @toughloveforX
“You need diversity for serendipity. Serendipity leads to new ideas and is shaped through “weak ties.” Weak ties are relationships you have with people that bridge different groups outside your domain expertise. Weak ties provide the bridges for innovation.” — Angela Dunn
@shellartistree: Wave After Wave Collaboration [& Cooperation?] ~ #3 ~ @XplosivBadger (Ink) & @shellartistree (Watercolor) ~ #collaboration #art

“Waves rise and fall. Strings flow with these waves. Feelings are woven.” — ddrrnt

“The phrase “neurons that fire together, wire together” is now commonly accepted by neuro scientists. We nemeticians have appropriated that metaphor in the service of clarifying the mechanisms of complexity in real life. 
An example is when you tweet and I tweet back at you in close to real time, we make a connection. Often that leads to a conversation. Over time those connections help us understand each other. So we become “wired together.” Interestingly the nemetics crew all met on twitter, persistent firings that led to wirings …” - @toughloveforx

Created by ddrrnt: nString are We.

Personal Meaning Networks

If you would like to see what seeing and exchanging with Personal Meaning Networks are all about, just experience this artful video by Smalin, “Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, Animated Graphical Score”, that Michael Josefowicz shared with us.

What about you? In an era of connectedness and a galaxy of learning wayshow do you nurture creativity on your own and with your Personal Meaning Networks? How do you stay connected to the Zeitgeist?

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