Sunday, October 11, 2015

Co-creating a new view of the NEME

Version 2 of NEME as two nested spheres: energy & constraint
These days, we Nemeticians have been co-creating a visualization of an NEME. We thought we'd share a bit of what we're learning in the process. What's particularly exciting about our new view of the NEME is that it will be published in the Encyclopedia of Information Science & Technology alongside a new work in the field of Nemetics and Transmedia Literacies by Ray Gallon.

Nemetics applied to Any Field of Human Experience and Activity

Engage not: Perplexing questions and thoughts fall like leaves from the branches of our minds. A season of letting go begins.

Engage: The possibility of not knowing, yet experiencing clarity is found in the space between the branches.
As we are now in the Fall season (in the Northern hemisphere), and our vision, as Nemeticians, of what a NEME and Nemetics look like, is emerging and keeps being iterated as we type:

At near and far the edges of @Nemetics, Nemeticians are engaging with the flow on synchronous and asynchronuous time, Now or Later. It is easy peasy as we often say. :-)

Nemetics applied to Technical Communication

We, Nemeticians, noticed insights from that conference as well as this great sketchnote on Complexity, Nemetics and Wicked Tech Com by @JadzkaRysuje via @piotrpeszko during the #soapconf

Big thanks to @JadzkaRysuje for allowing us to include her graphic recording in our blog post.

Nemetics applied to Any Field of Human Experience and Activity

As our fellow Nemetician, Dibyendu De, wrote in the "5 Pillars of Nemetics":
"The discipline of Nemetics is flexible enough to be applied to any field of human experience and activity. It does not matter whether one applies it to industrial settings or applies it to study political economy or architecture or marketing or entrepreneurship."
In an online conversation, Dibyendu also shared the following benefits of Nemetics:
"1. Personal Transformation for a balanced mind-body complex to see things as they really are. 
2. Learning - self and collective - expanding consciousness and knowledge. 
3. Engaging & Solving Complex Problems -solutions to which can't be found in textbooks or in the public domain as found in real life.

Nemetics is an approach to achieve all the three goals simultaneously."