Friday, May 27, 2016

The Minutes of the Meeting: Brainstorming & Production in #Transmedia

This blog is curated and written initially by @toughloveforX

May 27 3:55 PM Brooklyn time / 9:56 PM Paris time

The conversation below happened through synchrodipity. No emails to set it up. No scheduling in advance. You are coming into a conversation that has been going on for about 4 years. Every entry is the result of a free choice made by the writers. No pre planning. ~ @toughloveforX

The outcome of the meeting

SLOW HURL + QR Postcards


‏@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Transmedia includes QR, Prints & SoMe, right?

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Ezpz see in the comment of the nHub how I did that. Onto the next ones if ok?

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS I love our team. If it works on your phone, then Onward! You just designed the back of our first postcard :-)

‏@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx It is. I tried that before I tweeted... :) See LCU Postcards* on nHub. Was it is the other side?

*LCUP Postcards

Including in a book customised web links + QR codes for scanning reading lists or any web contents from a phone or tablet, photos, sketches, maps, screenshots from blogs.


QR codes generators & URLs shorteners: QR-Code Tag Extension v0.7.9

Postcard design via Canva

Example: From 'Staying Connected to the Zeitgeist', Back of a SLOW postcard for:

@Competia: Tracking strategic blindspots. About CEOs boards governance trends innovation #digital strategy competitive intelligence. Prof. Board member. Speaker #davos 

Consider to use: QuickMark Barcode Scanner [Android app]

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx almost done for the backs of our postcards. Do I do the one w/ DD twittr profile?

‏@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Do we see the same?

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS yep.

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS wait... I see the url on the back right under the qr code.

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS the front for slow103 " @ Competia Tracking strategic blindspots...

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx good good! Ok stay tuned for the other fronts... 

stopped entering 4;25 PM Brooklyn time came back 5:15 

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx there is no twtr profile HURL to DD profile. There is just 2 links for the book of DD. 

@toughLoveforx  @NEMETICS here you go Dibyendu De

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Well, the back of the SLOW postcard for DD is already created... as you shared a  in the nHub

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS just thought of. . .suppose we had cards for all the people in our extended networks. They you cud sort them into triads.. ;- )

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS way mo fun than solitaire ....

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Hahaha! More like chessplay as we luv complexity

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS yep :-) we got to get @ddrrnt to help with a name. wadda ya think of 'Three of a kind'

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Sthing will pop up w/ da smart creative, @ddrrnt . Cld b cool. How about just: 'Power of 3'? 'Triad Play'? ~ sound like mafia

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS i'm loving power of three. @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx As you pointed me/us to the Power of 10 vid, we just love it... Sold then! @ddrrnt

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS then you can sit down in real life and compare networks. put triads in a pile. then see the overlapping triads....

@toughLoveforx Michael Josefowicz Retweeted Nemetics Institute

@toughLoveforx: hey @ddrrnt so me and RT are talkin about a deck of cards, in case you missed I will tweet you the idea

@toughLoveforx Michael Josefowicz Retweeted Nemetics Institute

@toughLoveforx@ddrrnt this one the back.... pretty funny, no? added,

@toughLoveforx Michael Josefowicz Retweeted Nemetics Institute

@toughLoveforx@ddrrnt this on the front. 

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx @ddrrnt Behind the scene work or Intent... dig LCU Postcards

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS coool So what do you think we are missing? @ddrrnt

‏@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Well, set of how many cards for SLOW publication? 7? Color orNot on card? White? Moneeey? Print prototypes? @ddrrnt

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS If it's under $200 I can take care of that. color is ok as far as i can tell. i'll go back and look at the specs.

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS plus dig this 'We can ship your cards worldwide' aint life grand? @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Recommended size for printernet? @ddrrnt

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS lemme take a closer look. scroll down to playing cards at  @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Haha! Supa doopalicious! Was @ddrrnt who suggested that in the Long Now... gotta luv our HPT/memories, Workflowy archive :-)

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS now i need to dig down. sometimes i see what i want to see :-) @ddrrnt

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS love Workflowing instead of workflow .. so nemetical @ddrrnt

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS what do you think of this? 1/ deal out all the cards. put three face up on the table. if you have two cards...@ddrrnt

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS 2/ so you go in turn. whoever gets all the cards out of their hand first, wins. if you get challenged you have to . . .@ddrrnt

‏@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS 3/3 if you get challenged, you have to go to twitter and prove the three are connected. The power of three ;-)@ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx A key literacy now & in the Long Now... alot of potential w/ simple cards connected to le web... @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Yeah. Kids looooove to play w/ cards.... @NewsNieves @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx In that way, that makes the game cards fun & w/ many possibilities, triggers for nStringing the Power of 3. @ddrrnt

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS plus if any marketer learns the power of three, they will sell a gazillion dollars of their widget ...@ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Brilliant. Somehow we could test that the 3 of us remotely/in person if I come to Brooklyn one day... @ddrrnt

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Who needs a meeting on the ground for doing & learning stuffs, now? Ezpz to transcend constraints of time, place & $ or €€€

@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx SLOW Postcards for that SLOW NEME …is here...

‏@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx Looking forward to it! About to go async... Was fun, productive. Merci. Will dig NIR - my/our focus, & Master of History soon

@toughLoveforx @NEMETICS have a lovely rest of the long now... seeya when i seeya async. :-)

finished formatting 6:15 PM Brooklyn Time

I've found the compass is intent. After a time intent is what turns conversation to collaboration to co creation. When you brought up the contest, my intent shifted back to the action research on action research which is part of my desire to see the emergence of academic type research being done by non academics. @toughloveforX

"Conversations and narratives are the new documents

"Work is communication. Conversations and narratives are the new documents. Conversations cannot be controlled. The only way to influence conversations is to take part in them.

If we want to influence the process of knowing we need to develop new habits of participation and new habits of communication."